Tis the Gift You Can't Afford

November 14, 2020

Planes, Pencils and Sergeant Pepper

This week's gifts you can't afford are, in no particular order, dog collars, gourmet cat food, a leather pencil pouch, a Sergeant Pepper commemorative jukebox and a personal amphibious aircraft.

Listen as Tom tries to guess which is the least and most expensive on the list, and Stephanie offers (with just a sprinkling of sarcasm) descriptions of these astronomically priced gifts.

It's a funny, family-friendly podcast offering gentle rebukes of exorbitantly priced stuff that most of us will never own.

Want to see some of these gifts for yourself? Check out these links:

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Meet Your Hosts

Stephanie Hoover is a non-fiction author and journalist. Her hobbies are cooking, playing the ukulele and searching the house for her car keys.

Tom Shannon is a recovering radio personality now enjoying the less lucrative life of a podcaster.

Together, they create the Tis the Gift You Can't Afford podcast each week, or until a crowd shows up outside their home with pitchforks, demanding that they stop.

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